Overboard a boat.

The accidental fall of people to the water is one of the main causes of death. To the risk that the fall goes unnoticed and, consequently, the necessary help is not received, it is necessary to add that of suffering hypothermia by prolonged permanence in the water. We must take precautions

to avoid an unexpected fall into the water.

The most common causes of overboard falls are:

If you move around the boat with your body leaning towards the handrails using them as a support point and one of them has a defect or is not of the proper height, you may fall overboard.

If we do not take into account the movements of the ship, because we are not monitoring the state of the sea, a shipment of rough sea or a strong bilge can send us overboard.

Many times the inexperience of the crew, does not keep them subject to the solid parts of the ship, this can easily lead to a fall into the sea.

If we do not wear shoes with non-slip soles, we are in danger, a slip may cause us to fall overboard.

When the crew member makes a maneuver on deck, especially in bad weather, if he is not wearing a life jacket or harness and is attached to the lifeline or safety can be a cause of fall.  There is also a risk when verifying deck elements, sheets, ropes, etc. when the sea is in bad condition.

The absence of safety nets around the boat can be a danger to children.

Another very common case of falling is doing your physiological needs overboard, or vomiting into the sea when you are dizzy.

Violent actions between two passengers or crew members is one of the most frequent causes of falling overboard.

In a fisherman’s fight against his prey, the animal can be defeated and the fisherman can be fired.

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