A weekend at full speed! Vanquish 43

If speed and unique style are your thing, Barracuda Ibiza has just what you need to rent the modern Vanquish 43, a real arrow over the water that will impress you with its amazing performance and spectacular design, the brand’s classic.

Vanquish 43

Handmade, with an aluminium hull and avant-garde design, this boat radiates power and energy from the harbour itself; it almost seems like it desperately asked to be released from its moorings to give free rein to its powerful engines that can take you up to an astonishing 40 knots.

Read on to learn more about the incredible work that its creators have done with what is the flagship of the famous brand Vanquish, which despite being relatively new in the maritime market, has earned a deserved place among the big manufacturers.

Get to know this amazing machine up close

The aluminum hull of the Vanquish 43 has been carefully designed, cuts the water like a knife, and generates minimal dew even at high speeds, giving the feeling that you really fly over the sea. The lines and contours of the hull ensure a comfortable, comfortable handling, and maneuverability unmatched at all times.

This beautiful craft is capable of accommodating up to 11 people on a very well designed deck, with two large solariums and spaces to be comfortable and well organized. The bow is not wasted as in other similar models, with a corridor and a solarium that along with the rest of the spaces on deck can very well accommodate those 11 on board.

Below deck has a wide and well distributed interior, with a aft cabin with two single beds, and cupboards, bow, the Vanquish 43 is equipped with a V sofa and their respective folding table that allows converting the enclosure into a double bed at nap time or overnight.

In the space between the two rooms, it has a very well-designed bathroom equipped with everything for a weekend travelling along the coasts of Ibiza without any problem. It also has a kitchen area, in which you will have a microwave, a small refrigerator and cupboards to store everything you need for the trip.

This spectacular boat is powered by two powerful motors of 370 Hp each, capable of propelling it at an amazing speed of 40 knots, so you can leave many behind. And for better control, it has a Zeus transmission and a Joystick control that will give you better control in port maneuvers.

The Vanquish 43 is undoubtedly the boat par excellence for that weekend trip, thanks to its interior living space very well used, and its characteristics make it ideal for those adventure lovers who want to take a quick walk on the Pitiusas Islands.

And you don’t have to look so hard to enjoy one of these spectacular boats. The Vanquish 43 is waiting for you in the port Botafoch, in Ibiza, where Barracuda Ibiza has it at your disposal with great seasonal offers and the backing of the excellent service that only they can offer you.

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